ryall - energetics – system

An efficient and perfect combination of light, colours, smells and touch, in which individuality is priority!

The r.e.s. initiates a desired form of the change in the organism‘s metabolism, thereby promoting consistent regulation of physical energy balance harmony.

The reduction/elimination of blocked energy channels can take place in a very short time. Imbalances are neutralized quickly, though that body- and brain metabolism can again function/respond well and in a healthy, normal way - this results in good health and holistic well-being.

This system is an energetical method developed by me. Individually coordinated combinations - based on YOUR personal needs - of the offered application forms.

The focus of each individual variation is colour light and its multiple therapeutic possibilities.

The aim of the r.e.s. it is to neutralize Your e. imbalances, optimize Your metabolism and strengthen Your immune system long term.


YOUR well-being is MY concern!